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Do they accept credit and debit cards?

They also accept EBT cards as well!

Does sauders sell elderberry jam?


Do they have pectin for jellies?

Yes they do

Do they sell wooden swingsets?

Yes they do very nice ones and not bad pricing.

Do they still have clothes drying racks


Are the restrooms open during this time of quarantine?


Open July 4th?


Do they carry lactose free whole milk?

Nearly sure that they don't

What are the directions to make a gingerbread ake mix from Saunders. The weight on it is a little more then a pound. The cake mix is a gingerbread cake mix. There are no directions on the bag can someone help thank you

I had to ask a employee. They will give you a label 😀

Do they have wooden cabinets

They can put you in touch with someone who can could build you cabinets

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